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泰斗丸 マグロ漁.avi 泰斗丸 マグロ漁.avi Published At 2010-06-13 By motizor On Sports View in 64757 Duration time 5:10
津軽海峡産クロマグロ はえ縄漁業 前編 津軽海峡産クロマグロ はえ縄漁業 前編 Published At 2009-02-06 By shucha0304 On Education View in 165727 Duration time 10:01
【探訪】「大衆?高級?謎のイワシ漁」 千葉県・銚子沖 【探訪】「大衆?高級?謎のイワシ漁」 千葉県・銚子沖 Published At 2009-10-20 By sankeinews On Travel View in 123382 Duration time 7:16
カツオの一本釣り-part2 カツオの一本釣り-part2 Published At 2010-12-22 By hamasuiehime On Education View in 97367 Duration time 9:48
奄美 釣り物語 最終章 奄美 釣り物語 最終章 Published At 2012-04-30 By panpuka On Travel View in 28785 Duration time 18:17
長水丸、遠洋航海 Part.1 長水丸、遠洋航海 Part.1 Published At 2011-01-31 By thenagamizu On Education View in 37591 Duration time 5:01
探訪 大型魚群れなす「緊張の海」尖閣諸島 電灯潜り漁 探訪 大型魚群れなす「緊張の海」尖閣諸島 電灯潜り漁 Published At 2011-07-23 By sankeinews On News View in 39036 Duration time 5:18
まき網操業 まき網操業 Published At 2009-02-02 By tarokawamoto On People View in 142289 Duration time 10:52
北海道定置網漁で鮭 北海道定置網漁で鮭 Published At 2009-10-18 By yasoki On Travel View in 15165 Duration time 7:06
Dismantling of whale 鯨の解体 房総 和田漁港 Dismantling of whale 鯨の解体 房総 和田漁港 Published At 2013-07-10 By 00aaabaaac On Entertainment View in 687357 Duration time 18:58
泰斗丸 ケンケン漁.avi 泰斗丸 ケンケン漁.avi Published At 2010-06-10 By motizor On Sports View in 21588 Duration time 3:22
ばんやの定置網漁見学の全容 ばんやの定置網漁見学の全容 Published At 2009-09-02 By tamasaka711107 On People View in 41323 Duration time 8:35