Werewolf Spell

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Here is a spell that will turn you into a werewolf :)
Side effects found by cathcarlj51:
you can't turn others into werewolves by biting them. say it 10 times under the full moonlight but only when the full moon is out with nothing blocking it no clouds or trees or buildings it has to be seen not blocked when you're outside at night doing the spell.
more and longer hair, sharper teeth and fingernails, teeth aches, bone aches, rib bone aches, tail bone aches, muscle aches, vein aches, light headedness, increased arm strength, jumping a little higher and farther, super strong fingers, increased body growth which means getting taller not fatter, bigger body, bigger teeth, uncontrollable anger with real hard shaking, blurry eyes, say it under the full moonlight and you can create your own wolf pack